Wood Flooring Tips You Should Know

When you’re thinking about changing the floor plan of your house, it can be quite a confusing decision to make, especially if you have wooden floo. If you don’t know enough about it, you might end up choosing the wrong one for it. As such, we have some tips on wood flooring you can use, though you should leave the actual work to a professional.

1. Solid Timber Or Engineered Timber

The traditional method of wood flooring involved solid timber that came in thick planks. While solid timber still exists, engineered timber has also come into the picture. In this case, the top layer of the timber is thinner and has a bond with other layers so that when the expansion cycle and contraction cycle occur, the floor doesn’t shift. This is stable and more suitable for places with a high moisture level.

Solid timber is from solid milled wood. It also has high durability and doesn’t require attention. You need to first decide which one you want, depending on your aesthetic preference and convenience.

2. Acclimate

Once you receive your wood flooring, it’s important to let it acclimate first. As wood flooring usually expands and contracts due to the climate, it’s important to let it settle into its new surroundings first so it can get used to the humidity and heat level. This way, your wood flooring is less likely to sustain damage once installed.

This is why the flooring needs to be delivered with ample time before the installation date, should be kept in the room where it will be installed, and the room shouldn’t have any wet floor or walls.

3. Subfloor

Your subfloor should be prepared before you can think of installation, otherwise, your wood flooring could be damaged. Mostly, you need to check whether the subfloor is clean, in level, and completely dry.

To check whether it’s dry, you can use a Moisture meter to know the moisture level. If it’s wooden subfloor, the moisture level should be below 6 percent, and for the concrete floor, scale readings can be 15-17%.

A spirit level would help you check whether the subfloor is level and flat. Additionally, do away with any chemical or adhesive stuck on the floor, dust it, and then let it dry before you are ready to install the wood flooring.

Final Thoughts

For the right wood flooring, companies like Floor Melody is highly recommended. You want the best wooden floor possible, in fact, that would be the most important tip. It’s no use if, after all these measures, you end up with a wood flooring that’s easily damaged.