Many people are considering and choosing hardwood floors for their residences due to their love for natural wood floors. These hardwood floors are sturdy, simpler to clean, and require less upkeep. As forest resources are getting scarce, the popularity of engineered wood flooring became a trend. However, the traditional engineered wood flooring still has a lot to improve, such as water resistance, and termite attack, while some people love the classic feel of hybrid engineered wood floor-Axione wood over tile or vinyl flooring.

Installing hybrid engineered wood-Axione wood from Floor Melody is an excellent method to give the interior of a building an attractive and natural appearance.

9 layers of UV coating with reinforced mineral core and beautiful Oak wood veneer create the most advance engineered wooden flooring compared to all the wooded floor products on the market. It is more stable and long-lasting. Axione wood floors have a superior aesthetic appeal and are simpler to clean and maintain compared to solid wood and common substitutes.

High Durability and Moisture Resistant Coating

One of the primary justifications for upgrading to wood floors is durability. The endurance of wooden flooring is one of the main factors contributing to its ease of maintenance. Wooden flooring, made of tropical hardwood can last a very long period with adequate upkeep.

To guarantee that it can withstand the intense foot traffic typical in commercial, institutional, and other public spaces, high-quality engineered wood flooring is manufactured, finished, and installed in accordance with specific quality requirements. Whatever the nature of your property, engineered wood flooring delivers long-term durability and stunning appearances for years.

Increases the Value of Your Home, Building or Property

If you ever decide to sell your house, you should know that buyers will be ready to pay more for a home with wooden floors. Carpets that are “second-hand” are not what customers want. They compare it to a petri dish filled with mold colonies that, when exposed, can lead to allergies and other illnesses.

Also, customised hardwood flooring significantly enhances the resale value and yields a larger return on your investment.

It is Easy to Install and Looks Elegant

High-quality natural hardwood veneers provide the flexibility and adaptability to work with various home design ideas. Change everything, and the wood will adjust to the theme is the concept. Additionally, wooden floors have a vast selection of hues and colours. Real timber flooring, then, lacks manufactured patterns.

Depending on the type of wood used, each type of engineered wood flooring has a distinct appeal and quality that is sure to improve the appeal of your home. From dark to light, and a lot in between, there are many different types of wood flooring available.  If you’re thinking about throwing out your carpet and installing engineered wood flooring, the transformation will undoubtedly improve the aesthetic appeal of your living areas.

Waterproof, Fireproof, Anti-Formaldehyde, and Termite-Proof

Axione wood flooring is fire and formaldehyde-resistant. It is waterproof and scratch resistant, keeping its original wood colour for a long time. Axione wood floors are termite-proof, so you don’t have to worry about termite infestation.

Mold resistant

Other than preventing mold from growing, it provides better sound absorption, a softer feel underfoot.

Less Maintenance Required

Cleanup is simpler on wood flooring. Wooden floor filth is effortlessly picked up and eliminated using a vacuum, sweeper, and steam mop. It does not gather dangerous substances like dust mites. In contrast to tiles and carpets, wood floors are stain-resistant, making them simple to clean. Stains and specks of dust can be removed by wiping the surface. Overall, engineered wood flooring requires less maintenance.

Over Time, Axione Wood Proves to be Cost-Effective

Compared to other types of flooring, wooden floors are more expensive. This is because you’ll see that they save money on repair and maintenance expenses in the long run. Additionally, they are less vulnerable to damage and having wooden flooring will save money and make cleaning easier.

It is possible to Refinish Axione Wood Floors

Instead of needing to be entirely replaced, these Axione Wood floors may be refinished or re-stained, unlike carpet or tiles. It is a significant benefit because refinishing a hardwood floor is far less expensive than setting up brand-new wood flooring. You can also make significant changes to your house without spending much money.

Axione Wooden Floors Improve Indoor Air Quality

Wooden floors do not gather allergens like pollen, dust, or even pet dander-like carpets. Putting in hardwood flooring makes it simpler to improve the air quality inside the house, to put it simply. Briefly stated, the best flooring choice is wood for allergy-prone users.

Multiple Choices

The market is swamped with a multitude of wood flooring solutions, regardless of how special your requirements are. Engineered oak wood flooring is available in various designs, textures, colours, and styles to match different decorating concepts. Multiple thicknesses, widths, and species are also available in engineered axione wood flooring. To choose the best solution, consider your needs and budget. If you need any help, talk to our product experts.


Hundreds of engineered wood floor alternatives are available in Floor Melody’s collection to accommodate various spending limits and aesthetic preferences. Each piece of wood we utilise has a stunning natural appearance, which we further improve with our European technology and superior craftsmanship to reveal the wood’s genuine character. Our extensive selection combines the most exotic wood species worldwide to enhance every area.