1. Those who like low maintenance flooring
    Not enough time to maintain that beautiful hardwood floor you’ve always wanted? Vinyl flooring choices offers the same hard wood effect and is much easier to maintain that actual hardwood flooring. Though you will need to clean the floors regularly to ensure longevity, a simple damp mop will do to remove stains. Hardwood as compared to vinyl flooring is also easily damaged by water. You can thus use vinyl flooring not only in your living and bedrooms but also in bathrooms, kitchens and other wet areas, giving your house a cohesive theme throughout.
  2. Those who are on a budget
    Vinyl flooring is able to mimic the appearance of hardwood flooring and is also budget friendly. In the long run it will save you money in maintenance on removing stains, scratches, wear and discoloration from the sun. In our sunny and humid Singapore climate, vinyl flooring will definitely save you some money while allowing you the floor design of your choice without paying for the price of real exotic wood!
  3. Those with young children or pets
    Do you have children at home who like play their toys on bare floors and run around the house? Or do you have pets that scratch the floor and walls? Vinyl flooring is not only scratch and stain resistant but is also slip resistant. Never again will you have to worry not being able to get paint off the floor or your pet leaving scratch marks on the floor and walls. They will also be able to run safely around the house without slipping or falling as compared to tiled or laminated flooring. It is comfortable enough for children to sit on and will ensure their safety with smooth surfaces compared to tiled or stone flooring where they may cut or bruise themselves.