What is Vinyl Flooring?

It’s a multiple layered flooring, usually made out of synthetic materials such as PVC vinyl and fiberglass. Being highly affordable, durable, and versatile, vinyl flooring has been a popular choice for homeowners. The thick core of the vinyl flooring makes it very comfortable to walk on and makes it resistant to moisture.

What to Consider Before Choosing it?

You can install vinyl flooring almost anywhere in your house. From kitchen to bathrooms to living rooms to bedrooms, the options are unlimited.

There are chiefly two kinds of vinyl flooring one must choose between: a panel flooring and a sheet vinyl flooring. It is important to consider the difference between these two so that it meets the requirements of your room.

A panel flooring appears similar to that of ceramic flooring. It should preferably be installed in rooms that have a lot of moisture to deal with and is a favourite hangout spot for the house members.

Sheet vinyl flooring is a comparatively simpler and undemanding option that should be installed in rooms that receive low traffic. It is light and should have minimal exposure to moisture and dust.


There are numerous benefits to installing vinyl flooring. Compared to another popular option, laminate flooring, vinyl flooring has proven to be extremely conducive for the house and the occupants.


Just like everything, there are a few downsides to vinyl flooring as well, however not much.


It is time your house needs an upgrade. First step, transforming your boring floors by opting for vinyl flooring. It is not only easy to maintain but also gives your house a luxurious finish without burning a hole in your pocket. It works with varied decor pieces and home furnishings, so you have an abundance of options to choose from. Also, if you are planning to put your house on the market, this is an effective way to increase its value.