Vinyl flooring history can be dates back to 1950s first made an impact on the architectural world, it has seen rapid adoption in both the residential and commercial spaces. Low-cost water-resistant durable, easy to install, and safe for the elderly and children, vinyl flooring is quickly finding itself being installed in spaces all over the world. With a variety of desirable characteristics continues to make this versatile flooring material a popular option to this day. No wonder vinyl flooring installation is gaining popularity in Singapore! 

What makes vinyl flooring the first option come to mind? The secret lies in the technologies that go into the vinyl flooring. Let us walk into the world of vinyl sheet flooring, layer by layer.

1) Top Layer Technology: UV coating with silver Nano ceramic bead

The top layer of the vinyl flooring affects the performance and core function of the vinyl flooring. It is a crucial part as the top layer of vinyl flooring is the protection shield which needs to take the everyday abuses and abrasions. Not only footsteps but also the household accidents, such as shifting the furniture, dropping of sharp objects like keys, the top layer acts as a protective shield for the flooring offer the scratch resistance, water resistance, sound resistance, anti slip. It helps to maintain the beauty of the floor for years to come. Not all wear layers are the same. Superior wear layers are critical for performance as well as letting the design come to life.

PU system, the Toughest coating ever, originates from the Japan. It features a double-coating method that adds extra strength to the underlying urethane protectant coating of your vinyl flooring installation Singapore. PU coating provides the vinyl floor with additional resistance to everyday wear, allowing it to be used in various applications in the home or office. UV coating with silver Nano ceramic bead technology is found in The Floor Melody’s Natural Living Flooring. With UV resistant powder applied in between the double PU coating, your vinyl flooring will not only present abrasion but ensure a long-lasting color of your vinyl flooring without color fading.

2) Middle Layer Technology: Vinyl Virgin Tech

The middle layer can be named as backing layers, the part that provides for the dimensional stability and mechanical strength for the vinyl flooring installation. Dimensional stability is the ability for the material to retain its original shape, especially when subjected to changes in its surroundings such as temperature and humidity.

Vinyl Virgin Tech is created by bonding several high performance core layers. Every layer is designed to help the product to lay flat and level, while perform and bond together for exceptional dimensional stability and extra sound absorption.

3) Locking Mechanism Technology: VALINGE CLICK & LOCK

Unlike other type of flooring, the vinyl flooring presented the locking mechanism for tight joints between vinyl planks and ensures that the flooring does not open up while minimize the gap in between the planks hardly visible to the naked eye. Tight joints will also prevent any water from seeping in from the flooring’s surface. The unique click and locking system in Floor Melody is Licensed by Valinge, the industry’s leading mechanical locking system for easy and fast installation, no glue required.

Undoubtedly, modern technologies allow for so many exciting possibilities in the modern homeowners’ and offices’ flooring needs. Connect with one of our flooring specialists to discuss about a vinyl flooring installation that suits your needs HERE!

Vinyl Flooring Installation Singapore with Floor Melody

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