Types of Flooring Options

Flooring a room plays a major role in its overall feel, use and appearance. This is why choosing flooring is such a big decision – you want to install only flooring materials that can improve the home’s value and style. These days, there are loads of options when it comes to flooring, including many that are very affordable.

Doing a little research on the different flooring types can help you learn about their prices and benefits before getting started on your flooring project. Here are three of the most common types of flooring options:

Vinyl Flooring

Also known as resilient flooring, this is probably the most cost-effective flooring out there. Vinyl flooring is available in a variety of colors and patterns, and provides a cushioned floor surface that is maintenance-free and durable. The resilient construction of vinyl flooring also makes it comfortable to walk on, and thicker vinyl flooring options have a textured surface which gives it a natural wood or stone feel.

Solid Timber

This is a traditional style hardwood floor – one of the most popular among homeowners for decades. The construction of solid timber is as simple as it gets – a mix of wooden planks or boards about 0.75 inches thick. These planks are nailed to a wooden subfloor, giving the floor a hard-wearing durability. When finished, solid timber gives a warm, beautiful and timeless feel, and complements just about any décor.

Engineered Timber

Engineered timber looks exactly like solid timber, but its production is different. At the top of the flooring surface is a thin veneer of natural wood, which shows the grain, while underneath it has layers of inexpensive plywood. This makes engineered flooring a studier and cheaper option for homeowners. Its advanced production process results in a material with little to no expansion, contraction and warping when exposed to elements. It can also be polished to get rid of any imperfections that may creep in over time, without compromising its stability or appearance.

Keep in mind that your budget and home style will play a large role in the type of flooring materials you use for your indoor space. The wide variety of flooring options we provide gives you loads of choices, including trendy, easy to maintain and water-resistant styles. If you would like a professional finish rather than a DIY, Floor Melody professionals can install your new vinyl flooring, solid timber or engineered timber to give your home an updated look.