Tips on How to Sanitise Your Flooring Properly

Tips on How to Sanitise Your Flooring Properly

May 22 2020


Right now, many of us are cooped up at home and while the situation is far from ideal, it can be a great time to get some cleaning done. It’s not only important to keep a clean home to lower the spread of COVID-19 and other germs, but getting a head start on normalcy and cleaning your flooring can help you feel productive and make your home a more pleasant place to be. 


While you might not consider the floor a frequent touch point, it is important to keep these high traffic areas as clean as possible, especially if someone has walked through your home with shoes or if you have pets who might be carrying in dirt, germs, and bacteria from outside. From cleaning to disinfecting, here are the tips on how to clean and sanitise your flooring.


Cleaning hard flooring

Just like your go-to flooring service in Singapore, using a microfiber mop is a great way to keep your hard surface flooring clean. You can vacuum with a soft-bristled floor brush attachment to clean up even more dirt, dust, and debris. Depending on the type of flooring in your home, you’ll want to be careful with any kind of mopping- hardwood and laminate floors can be damaged by moisture so opt for damp mopping with those instead. If you have a luxury vinyl flooring,, you can mop with either a store-bought cleaner or a solution of apple cider vinegar and warm water. Routine cleaning here will help to prevent the spread of bacteria and viruses.


Disinfecting hard flooring

Again, it’s important to clean hard surfaces prior to disinfecting, and if you’re using a disinfecting product be sure to carefully review your flooring service’s instructions prior to use to know how long your disinfectant needs to be in contact with the surface to kill germs. It’s also good to know the difference between cleaners that kill bacteria and ones that kill viruses and look for the latter. Many anti-bacterial cleaning agents are also disinfectants that will kill viruses but double check the label.


Whenever you’re disinfecting, make sure to wear disposable gloves if you have them handy to protect your skin from the chemicals. If you only have reusable gloves, be sure to dedicate these gloves specifically for cleaning and disinfecting for COVID-19. Wash and clean your hands thoroughly as soon as you remove these gloves. Most hard surfaces recommend a bleach solution for disinfecting your flooring, but often you’ll want to keep bleach and other harsh chemicals away from your flooring. If you have a luxury vinyl flooring in Singapore, you can disinfect your vinyl by mopping with a mix of one gallon of warm water and one cup of white vinegar.


Disinfecting hardwood flooring is a little trickier. So, remember that keeping water and moisture away is key to ensure your floors last so you don’t want to use the vinegar solution here. The best option is to use a damp mop with a cleaner made specifically to disinfect hardwood floors. After damp mopping, dry the surface with a clean, soft, dry towel to remove any lingering moisture.


Cleaning soft flooring

Depending on the amount of traffic, daily or weekly vacuuming is recommended. Go slowly while vacuuming to make sure you’re thoroughly picking up all the dust and debris—slow passes with your vacuum can pick up more ground-in dirt than fast passes. A lot of dust and debris tend to hide underneath or behind furniture, so if you can, move or lift your furniture to vacuum your carpet more thoroughly. If you’re cleaning the entire room, it’s smart to vacuum both before and after dusting once before to pick up existing dust and once again after to pick up any that has made its way to the carpet after your other cleaning efforts.


Disinfecting soft flooring

Routine cleaning should be enough to reduce the spread of germs in your home so unless someone is sick, you rarely need to disinfect. If it has come to disinfecting, soft surfaces like your carpets and area rugs might be a little more challenging than the hard surfaces. We recommend cleaning these surfaces either with soap and water or with cleaners made specifically for these surfaces. Again, you’ll want to pay attention to those cleaners and look for the ones that are specifically made with disinfecting properties. If you’ve got a home carpet steam cleaner handy, you can use this for a more thorough cleaning. You can use that mixture of white vinegar with hot water in your steamer but change the ratio to equal parts of each this time.


Keeping your flooring clean to keep your home safe

Frequent and thorough flooring cleaning is important right now to keep your home safe and healthy from the spread of the COVID-19 and other illnesses. The good news is that your usual routine floor cleaning, no matter your flooring surface typically will suffice in lowering the spread of germs. Working out a daily schedule can help keep your home safe and healthy.


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