Style and Practicality: Tips for Home Flooring

Style and Practicality: Tips for Home Flooring

August 27 2019


There are two options to consider with home floorings: style and practicality. These two terms are sometimes considered as mutually exclusive, but this is far from the truth.


There’s one question that usually lingers in every homeowner’s mind—what type of home flooring fits your home?


With so many options, there is no absolute “correct” answer. At the end of the day, what matters is that you’ll get what you want. Besides investing in cheap flooring products in Singapore, how else can you organise your home flooring?


Thinking of renovating your home flooring? Here are a few tips to consider to get the best possible outcome!.


1. What’s your style?

It’s all a matter of personal taste. Your home is a piece of art, so paint it the way you want. With that said, determine your style to choose which type of home flooring best suits you.


There countless home interior trends that never go out of style. Industrial, retro, classic, or contemporary—you name it; discover your style and find out which type of flooring suits you best.


For example, for an industrial home interior, vinyl or concrete flooring works best. Vinyl flooring adds a soft and warm touch, while concrete flooring brings a vintage vibe to complement the industrial theme. Whatever you choose, it’s up to you.


2. Select your option

There are over a hundred different combinations to think of, and it’s up to you to decide on how your home will look like. What’s your home flooring of choice?


  • Hardwood – You can’t go wrong with hardwood flooring. They’re stylish and often used for living rooms.



Pros: Stylish and versatile. Easy to clean.


Cons: Loud to walk on. Needs to be refurbished occasionally. Water can also ruin hardwood.


  • Laminate – This type of flooring is perfect for high-traffic areas. Laminate floorings take time to wear out and as such, are an ideal choice for long-term purposes.


Pros: Resistant to scratches. Also easy to clean.

Cons: Same with hardwood, laminate flooring is prone to water damage. It also cannot be refurbished.


  • Carpet – Thanks to modern inventions, carpet floorings are becoming more advanced. However, like all the other choices in this list, carpets aren’t perfect.



Pros: Soft and cosy. Quick and easy to install. Carpet floorings are also quiet to walk on.


Cons: While most advancements in technology allow carpets to become more stain-resistant, they’re not invulnerable either. Carpet floorings can still be stained, and they require regular maintenance.


  • Vinyl – Like laminate flooring, vinyl is commonly used thanks to the benefits it provides.



Pros: Waterproof and resistant to moisture. Vinyl contractors in Singapore can easily and quickly install this type of flooring. Vinyl is also quiet to step on, just like with carpet floorings.


Cons: Vulnerable to dents. Challenging to clean.


3. Match the flooring and its room


For every room, there’s a type of flooring that suits its purpose. Find out which flooring is best for each room.


  • Bathroom – Since the bathroom will require waterproof floors, you can select vinyl or laminate floorings. They’re highly resistant to water, so you shouldn’t worry about messing up your floorings.
  • Kitchen – The kitchen is usually active, so why not choose a flooring that is both stylish and practical? Vinyl floorings add a touch of warmth and are durable enough to sustain high levels of activity.
  • Living room – This room is where you go to sit back, relax, and converse with a few family and friends. Hardwood is the ideal choice because it’s stylish and durable.
  • Bedroom – Carpets are ideal for bedrooms since they prevent noise.


These tips can greatly improve your way of living once you’ve tried them out. Style and practicality are both just a matter of how you want to live. Find out how you want to live your life at home to determine which type of home flooring suits your lifestyle.


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