Professional Timber Floor Sanding & Varnishing

Timber Floor Sanding & Varnishing

Professional Deep Cleaning Services for All Kinds of Flooring 

Professional Deep Cleaning Services

Professional Cement Screeding & Self-Leveling Compound Services

Self-Leveling Compound Services

Professional Protection Services 

Professional Protection Services 

We provide a wide range of flooring services for residential and commercial customers. We are able to refinish hardwood flooring, cement screeding, self-levelling compound, raise platforms and deep clean vinyl, wood, and outdoor wood decking Singapore.

We specialize in providing quality flooring services at an affordable price. Our goal is to help you get the best value for your money and we are confident that our work will exceed your expectations.

Flooring Services Singapore

Floor Melody is a well-renowned and reliable company based in Singapore that offers you a range of luxury vinyl flooring services at affordable prices. Intending to deliver the best products to our clients, we provide prime quality flooring sheets and good self-leveling compound services. Give your flooring space an upgrade in aesthetics, style, and comfort.

With a promise of prime quality at affordable rates, Floor Melody is the best company that you can hire to fulfilling your flooring needs.

Benefits of Our Floor Cement Screed

● Leveled and rigid surface
● The firm base for wooden flooring
● Easy and quick to install
● Affordability
● Anti-allergic
● Low odor
● Excellent underlay
● Better thermal efficiency


If you are interested in hiring Floor Melody, feel free to contact us and talk to our experts. You can call us or simply leave us an email, and our team representative will reach out to you. We are a dedicated team of experts who has been helping people achieve high-quality flooring and self-leveling compound services.