Floor Melody is your trusted vinyl sheet flooring supplier and contractor in Singapore that combines durability and design in vinyl flooring. Our premium vinyl flooring offers a rigid but stylish material for your home and commercial space decoration, and our luxury flooring in Singapore grants a premium layer of finished material.

These vinyl floorings are highly durable and moisture-resistant that come in a wide variety of colors and styles. They are good for working and high-traffic areas like kitchens and laundry rooms.

Our Luxury Vinyl Flooring

Planning to incorporate the best vinyl flooring Singapore? If yes, then we are all set to offer you a range of floorings that are highly durable, reliable, affordable, and practical. As a vinyl tiles supplier in Singapore, we have been providing quality flooring services to our valuable clients. Our vinyl floors have an additional advantage in their style and versatility that makes them distinct from others available in the market.

Progress of Floor Melody Vinyl Flooring

When we first started working as a flooring supplier, we aimed to provide affordable yet unique flooring services to customers all around the region. Through continuous dedication and teamwork, we have succeeded in achieving our dreams. Today we are acknowledged as one of the most reliable vinyl suppliers in Singapore which has become the top choice for many people.

Just simply have a look at our services or directly communicate with our team, and you will get a clear image of our unique and stylish vinyl floor designs. With the best quality material, coupled with versatility and affordability, you will get the best flooring service combo here at Floor Melody.

Why Choose Our Vinyl Flooring?

If you want to add a touch of versatility to your living or working environment, vinyl floors are the greatest option. Over the recent years, this type of flooring has become extremely prevalent amongst people, with more and more individuals opting for our luxury vinyl flooring.

Our vinyl floors are also available in versatile designs and colors that you can easily pick out according to your style. They are well suited for kitchens and bathrooms as they have high stain resistance and waterproof abilities. Vinyl flooring is a perfect pick for homes with kids and pets as well. They are designed with top-grade materials and have high foot traffic, making them beneficial in the long run.

Types of Vinyl Floors at Floor Melody

Floor Melody is a reputable name for offering many designs and different types of vinyl flooring in Singapore. The vinyl flooring in Singapore price depends on the thickness of the material. As a vinyl tiles supplier in Singapore, we have different ranges of vinyl floors that you can choose from. We are offering:

Vinyl Floor Tiles

If you want something that looks like regular floor tiles, then this option will work best for you. With fine finishing and nicely cut-in squares, our vinyl floor tiles are also easily customizable and can be installed in different patterns according to your preferences.

Vinyl Plank

Vinyl wooden planks are easy to clean and are harder than normal wooden floors.

Vinyl Plastic Sheets

If you are searching for Vinyl flooring services for your bathrooms, kitchens, or areas prone to high moisture, this will work best for you. It will come in a single sheet that will be installed in your space without any joints, offering a full, smooth, and clean look.

Installation Process

The vinyl flooring installation in Singapore by Floor Melody is completely easy and hassle-free. Our team will first prepare a proper plan after taking all the measurements and considering all your requirements. Before starting the installation process, we will show you a detailed approximation of the expenditure and try to execute a plan that perfectly fits your budget.

Contact us Today – The Best Vinyl Supplier Singapore

We at Floor Melody are here to offer you a full range of vinyl floorings at highly affordable rates. As a vinyl supplier in Singapore, we desire to meet all the client’s needs and provide them with the best vinyl flooring in Singapore, inclusive of services for their homes and offices. Feel free to contact us if you require assistance or queries regarding our vinyl flooring Singapore price. Our team will be ready to cater to all of your needs.