Introduction to Hybrid Engineered Wood Flooring (HEWF)

Today, we now have Engineered Wood Flooring, which has a core material that is either plywood or softwood. This core is still made of wood and is susceptible to water damage, termite and wood worm attack, fungal growth, and rot, which is the most common problem in today’s Engineered Wood.

The core of Axione Wood is made of a natural calcium magnesium material for improved temperature stability. It has good strength, durability, and tenacity, and it is rich in magnesium oxide, which releases magnesium ions and is beneficial to human health. Axione Wood  have real wood on the top layer, which is similar to engineered wood flooring. Choose natural hardwood veneers of high quality today!  For the best appearance, use knots, grain, and natural colour variation. Axione Wood is waterproof, insect proof, and fire resistant, making it the ideal wood floor for everyone.

Your trust in us motivates us to continue developing cutting-edge flooring options that can improve the comfort and style of your home.

History of Floor Melody

We have been providing Engineered Flooring Singapore services for many years with an incredible and competent team of seasoned professionals. We are proud to express that with our team’s hard work and passion, we have become one of the top parquet flooring providers in Singapore and abroad. Our team is committed to bringing unique and innovative flooring designs to our customers that bring a smile to their faces.

What Makes us A Good Choice For Engineered Wood Flooring?

Floor Melody offers its customers the full range of services that can avail on a single platform. We are proud to announce that you can avail the following benefits when you come to us.

Quality Over Quantity

Quality remains our priority. Our experts ensure everything is on point before initiating the project. This is done to provide our clients with the finest flooring solutions without compromising on the product’s quality. By using materials that are resistant to the presence of weeds and insects, we will thoroughly discuss and communicate to you all the needs beforehand.

Fixed Time of Arrival

Strictly adhering to the rules, our team assures you to be on time, bringing all tools and plans and then quickly letting the floor magic begin. We will complete the project on time to offer you a space with fresh-smelling, unique, and stylish flooring you can enjoy with your family and friends.

Prioritizing Your Needs

Our diligent and knowledgeable team of experts is proficient in planning the flooring strategy according to your needs and requirements. Thus, rest assured that all your suggestions will be kept in mind without giving you any unnecessary stress or tension.

Modern Equipment and Tools

As far as the flooring equipment is concerned, there is no need to worry as we bring all the equipment with us. You won’t be directed to spend extra on purchasing tools like drills, nails, wrench sets, saws, or ladders. We have all the modern equipment of the international standard available at Floor Melody.

Cleaning and Repairing Services

Floor Melody is undoubtedly one of the best choices that you can make for Engineered Hardwood Flooring. As you might know, wood flooring needs to be taken care of properly in order to keep it in its true form and shape. To help you in this, we extend our services to incorporate repair and maintenance services in our engineered wood flooring package. Therefore, we will assist you in maintaining your floor tip-top, making it welcoming to guests and leaving a good impression.

Hire Floor Melody

Are you looking for some reliable Engineered Flooring Singapore providers who can cater to you with their high-quality flooring services? We are here with a qualified team, bringing you the best solutions to ease your problems in the blink of an eye. Contact us today, and you will find some great flooring options at Floor Melody that will enhance the appeal of both your interior and outdoor floors. We also offer outdoor timber decking Singapore services for your offices, homes, indoors, and outdoors at competitive prices.

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