Relaxing in that cozy alfresco part of home with a sippy cup filled with treetop while you read the morning papers; this has become of today’s trends for homeowners in Singapore. More homeowners, particularly the younger generation, are looking to add a bit of sparkle, to improve the lifestyle in their homes, and outdoor decking Singapore is considered one of the best ways to achieve that today.

Interestingly, outdoor decking in Singapore is not only a trend in landed homes; new public apartments, private condominiums and DBSS flats now have a unique outdoor area for each apartment unit. As more people seek a more comfortable lifestyle, outdoor decking looks like a trend that has come to stay.

When it comes to materials used for outdoor decking Singapore, there are loads of options out there. To help you make the best choice for your home, let us discuss two common outdoor decking materials, including their pros and cons.

Wood Decking

Natural wood is still a popular choice for outdoor decking in Singapore. Available in Teak, Iron wood and Chengal wood, homeowners prefer this type of material due to its cooling feel. Natural wood decking introduces a touch of nature in your outdoor area. Though it requires proper care and maintenance as a result of its natural properties, wood decking is one of the best options when it comes to outdoor decking. To increase its lifespan, ensure you maintain it at least once in 6 months by applying a fresh coat of paint or vanish.

Keep in mind that improper installation may lead to deck warping. Hence, it is important that you engage an experienced outdoor decking Singapore service like Floor Melody to ensure professional installation of your outdoor decking.

Eco Wood Composite Decking

This is one of the latest entrants in the outdoor decking Singapore market. An upgrade on the wood plastic composite decking, Eco wood composite decking is a mixture of wood and composite, making it an eco-friendly, durable material. As its manufacturing process is relatively more advanced, eco wood composite decking is also more UV resistant.

Why Floor Melody?

Floor Melody focuses on making durable eco-friendly outdoor decking Singapore for all. Our goal is to help shape your dream home with an alfresco that you can enjoy for years to come. We pride ourselves in the professionally trained craftsmen within our ranks, so you can trust us to give your home the touch of gold it deserves.