If you are looking for an upgrade that will help you define your outdoor space, there is nothing like building an outdoor deck.

An outdoor deck is slowly gaining popularity amongst homeowners in Singapore. However, with so many materials and designs that outdoor decking Singapore has to offer, it creates a dilemma and you end up purchasing something unsuitable for your house.

Singapore has a tropical climate, experiencing extreme temperatures, all year round. This makes it challenging to install an outdoor deck that resists extreme weather best. Nonetheless, the rain and the sun shouldn’t stop you from customizing and renovating your house.

We’ve shortlisted the top 5 materials that you may consider buying to build up your new outdoor space:

1.  Wood Decking

It is a preferable material of decking in Singapore, predominantly due to its cooling characteristics. It is available in many variants of wood such as Iron Wood, Teak Wood, Chengal Wood, etc. A wood decking requires a fresh coat of polish and paint, once every 6 months. It is easy to maintain and makes the appearance of your house elevate manyfold.

2.  Eco Wood Decking

The fundamental point of difference between eco wood decking and normal wood decking is that the former is manufactured from sustainable resources. It is processed and manufactured out of fast-growing trees such as  Pinewoods, rubber trees, bamboo, etc. It is soft in texture, making it susceptible to scratches and tears. The installation process is effortless and it is maintainable in the long run.

3.  Wood Composite Decking

This is another eco-friendly option since it’s composed of natural resources. It is mass-produced with varying characteristics and specifications. It is relatively similar to real wood due to its wood flour contents. One of the best properties about this decking option is it’s UV resistance, that keeps the harmful sunrays and radiations at bay.

4.  Soft Wood Decking

One of the cheapest decking materials on the market, softwood decking is composed of fast-growing trees. It is easy to work with in comparison to hardwood decking material. However, to reap the maximum benefits out of it, it must be pressure treated once a year. This helps in maintaining its durability and longevity. If your outdoor space has a playing area, this could be a great choice.

5.  Vinyl Decking

This is a profoundly popular and durable alternative to expensive, high-maintenance decking materials. It is resistant to heat and water. This makes it an ideal decking material for Singapore’s climate where frequent rain spells occur. Available in numerous shapes, designs, colours, and patterns, it’s made to fit everyone’s requirement.


Investing in a good decking material is crucial to liven up your boring outdoor space. A lot of thought and conviction has to be put into building an outdoor deck in a place like Singapore. Before you narrow down to a single choice, ensure that the material serves your needs, fulfils your requirements, and suits you and your home the best!