Parquet flooring has become increasingly popular these days owing to the fact that it is easy to clean and available in various designs. Previous this type of flooring was made of strips of wood and was extremely sensitive to moisture. However, with the advancement of technology, parquet is now made from ply or hardwood which makes it more resistant to moisture. Its beauty and durability have also contributed extensively to the growing popularity of this flooring type. This type of flooring is made from cork, beech, cherry tree, maple, oak classics and the dark wood varieties.

To ensure your home floors don’t lose their lustre soon, you need to take proper care of it. Read on for useful tips on how to protect parquet flooring for the home.

1. Clean Your Floors Regularly

It is imperative that you clean your parquet floors regularly. Due to hectic work timings, it may not be possible to clean the floors every day so you can do it every alternate day. This will prevent dust and dirt from accumulating on the floor. Accumulation of dust on floors can make it look dull and unappealing. However, remember never to use a wet mop on this type of flooring. Avoid the accumulation of any kind on moisture on the wood. Use a clearer that comes recommended from the flooring manufacturer. In case food spills on the floor, clean it up immediately with a dry cloth. The wood of such flooring can get stained easily so you need to be careful.

2. Use Only Nonabrasive liquid cleaner

This tip is especially important for people who have parquet with polyurethane coated flooring. Floorings that have finished in lacquer, varnish or shellac require the use of paste wax to maintain the finish and shine. Be cautious while using mildew removers, bleaches, drain openers, plant food and oven cleaners indoors. These contain a lot of chemicals that the discolour parquet floor very easily. Avoid cleaning your floors with steel wools or scouring powders as these can cause damage.

3. Prevent Scratches On The Floor

Scratches on parquet flooring can make your home look ugly. One way to avoid scratching the floors is to refrain from wearing pointed heels or sharp footwear indoors. In fact, the best precautionary method would be never wearing your outdoor shoes indoors. Small pebbles or dust particles stuck on outdoor shoes may lead to scratches. Alternatively, you can leave doormats and rugs at the entrance of all doors so that people can dust their footwear when they enter your home.

Always remember to use a parquet friendly vacuum cleaner that has laminate and parquet floor nozzle. Never use cleaners that have a rotating brush attachment because the moving bristles will scratch the floor.

4. Don’t Move Heavy Items Around

This again can damage the floor, leading to expensive repairs. On the occasion that you have to move around furniture, put soft padding or cloth under them before dragging them across the room. Additionally, stick plastic pads on the legs of all your furniture so that they don’t leave marks on your parquet floors.

5. Invest in Blinds And Curtains

Direct sunlight is very harmful to parquet. It causes discolouring and ageing of the wood. Investing in blinds and curtains will help protect your floors from being exposed to direct ultraviolet rays from the sun. You can also place rugs and carpets in areas where the sun usually enters your home.

6. Maintain Appropriate Indoor Humidity

Experts recommend that homeowners with parquet floors should ideally keep indoor humidity levels to 40 – 60 percent. It will avoid causing uneven floors and bumps.

7. Additional Parquet Flooring Care Tips

– Have a reputed manufacturer install your flooring for you so that they last longer and are fitted properly.

– Buy appropriate floor liquid clearers of superior quality, even if they are a little more expensive.

– Follow guidelines from your flooring manufacturer carefully if you want your parquet floors to retain their beauty for longer durations.

– Keep a pair of soft shoes or slippers for indoors so that you don’t scratch your floors

– Always keep a packet of felt protector pads in stock so that you can use them while moving around furniture. These pads can be bought at any local hardware store.

Though parquet flooring may need a little extra care to maintain, they’re great for adding beauty and character to your home. They make the house look cosy and comfortable. A little bit of extra care can may your parquet floors last a lifetime.