Vinyl tiles have been quite the rage for quite some time now. And why wouldn’t it be? Not only is it a long-lasting material and quite easy to maintain, but even the installation process is easier and takes less time. However, with the wide range of vinyl tiles available in the market, picking the right one for your house or office can be difficult.

Here are the things you should consider to pick the best vinyl tiles:

 1. The Room

Exactly what kind of room are you purchasing the vinyl tile for? Vinyl tile is especially the right choice for kitchen, bathroom, or in general, moisture prone areas as the flooring is extremely moisture-proof. In fact, it’s suitable for almost any kind of room.

Another thing you need to think about is how much traffic the room is likely to get. If the vinyl tile is for a room with high traffic, such as say, the floor of a cafe, you will want one which has a high wear layer. If it’s for a room with low traffic, say a guest room, low wear level is fine.

2. Your Personal Style

The decor option for the vinyl tile is varied. You can find styles such as Gra Oak, Jet Svart or Vintage Burn from companies like Floor Melody. That is, vinyl tile can look like cement, stone, or a shabby wood floor. Surface technology allows the vinyl to have textures that can rival real tile.

You also have choices available for the width of the plank or if it should be multi planks. Then, you can choose whether the edges should be beveled or square.

Ultimately, the choice depends on what you personally think would suit the design of the room you are planning on installing. It is up to you whether you want your house to look modern, minimalistic or vintage, classy.

3. The Warranty

Well, it’s quite obvious why the warranty is one of the main factors in picking the best vinyl tile. It’s the one thing that will make sure your flooring is protected. The warranty also determines the method by which vinyl tile would be installed.
There are warranties that come with the clause that only professionals can install the vinyl tile. Be sure to check what kind of warranty the company you’re buying is providing you with because if you DIY it without checking, your warranty would be useless.

Another thing is that you should check the planks for faults beforehand. If you install damaged planks, you’re basically admitting to being satisfied with the condition.

Final Thoughts

To pick the best vinyl tiles, you should take every single detail into consideration. After all, this vinyl floor would be a part of your house or office for a long time, and you would be spending quite a bit on them. It’s not a good idea to be lousy with it.