Are you unsure about which type of solid timber flooring to choose for your new home? If long-lasting and durability are the top priorities for you, then consider investing in teak wood flooring. With its stunning aesthetics and timeless beauty, teak wood is a practical and long-lasting flooring choice. In this article, we’ll explore the impressive features, benefits, and more of teak wood floors to help you understand why they have become so popular among homeowners.

Types of Teak Wood

There are various types of teak wood available in the market, each originating from different regions of the world, offering its own unique characteristics and advantages. When it comes to the types of teak wood flooring, some of the most popular types of teak wood include:

Indonesian teak wood

For those seeking teak wood with a lustrous look and beautiful colour, Indonesian teak is an excellent choice. This type of teak wood is renowned for its exceptional durability and resistance. It boasts a range of colours, from golden to greyish brown, making it a popular choice for furniture and flooring alike.

Burmese teak wood

Burmese or Myanmar teak wood is often referred to as the “real teak” and is highly prized. With its gorgeous and attention-grabbing golden-brown colour, it is also known as “golden teak.” Burmese teak wood is among the most durable forms of teak and is commonly used.

Brazilian teak wood

Cumaru, also known as Brazilian teak wood, is a highly sought-after type of teak wood. It is sourced from the lush green forests of the Amazon and exported all over the world. With its attractive reddish-brown colour, Brazilian teak wood is a popular choice for various types of wooden furniture, such as floors and cabinets. Additionally, it is incredibly durable and resistant to pests such as worms, moths, and other insects.

African teak wood

Another type of teak wood is African teak, which is grown in various regions of Africa. While it is not considered a true teak wood since its oils are not fully developed and it was harvested too early, it is still utilized for similar purposes as other types of teak wood. However, one of the downsides of African teak wood is that it is less durable and lacks some of the characteristics of higher-quality teak wood.
for constructing outdoor furniture and marine boat building. Additionally, it is highly moisture-resistant due to the abundance of rich oils it contains.

Indian teak wood

Indian teak wood is considered one of the finest types of teak wood globally, with unparalleled colour and quality that comes from its rich soil. It is abundant in natural oils, making it highly sought after in international markets. However, due to its scarcity and high demand, Indian teak wood is sold at a premium price compared to other types of teak wood.

In summary, teak wood is a popular choice for flooring in Singapore, with Indonesian teak wood and Burmese teak wood being the more common types used. Among these, Indonesian teak wood is more widely available as it grows at a faster rate compared to Burmese teak wood.

While Brazilian teak wood, African teak wood, and Indian teak wood are rare, they are not typically used for flooring due to their scarcity. These types of teak wood are often prized for their unique characteristics and are usually reserved for speciality items or high-end furniture.

Benefits of Teak Wooden Flooring

High Damage Resistance

One significant and distinctive advantage of having teak wood floors is their exceptional resistance to damage, allowing them to withstand high levels of foot traffic without showing signs of wear and tear. Moreover, their robustness and durability make them an excellent option for households with pets and children.

Requires Low Maintenance

Floor Melody’s teak flooring has the added advantage of needing minimal upkeep and attention due to the presence of natural oils that function as a lubricant for the wood, thereby maintaining its excellent condition. Nevertheless, it is essential to clean the floor frequently to eliminate dirt and dust and maintain its neat appearance.


Teak flooring is a hardwood that possesses an ample supply of natural oils that make it resistant to moisture. This quality makes it an ideal flooring option for high-moisture areas such as bathrooms and kitchens. The high concentration of oils and resins allows teak to withstand water and humidity, ensuring its durability in such environments.

Long-Lasting Shine

Floor Melody’s teak wood boasts a naturally shiny and beautiful surface due to its high oil content, negating the need for additional products to enhance its shine. With minimal upkeep and attention, teak can maintain its radiant appearance for several years. To restore its shine and lustre, yearly oiling is recommended.

Excellent Insect repellent

Teak serves as a excellent insect repellent, particularly against termites that are notorious for damaging wood. The oil present in teak possesses remarkable repelling abilities that safeguard the wood from the onslaught of termites, mould, and fungus, effectively keeping them at bay.

Luxurious Look

It’s warm golden-brown hue, teak not only offers an aesthetically pleasing appearance but it also effortlessly integrates into your room’s interior. It adds a luxurious and classic touch to your living space, enhancing its overall look and feel.

Maintaining Teak Floors

Prior knowledge of the upkeep required for teak wood flooring is essential. While teak possesses self-maintenance properties, adhering to the listed practices in your daily routine is highly recommended to preserve its colour and shine.

  1. Teak wood is susceptible to accidental spills, it is highly advisable to wipe and clean them immediately.
  2. Never overdo the cleaning and sweeping, as it can take away the wood’s natural shine.
  3. It’s preferable to use a broom with soft and fine bristles for cleaning.
  4. Use a vacuum cleaner on alternate days to remove fine dust and dirt particles from the floor.
  5. Never use any harsh cleaning products like ammonia, detergents, or bleach, as they can make your floor susceptible to damage by removing all the natural oils from it.
  6. Oil the teak wood floor once or twice yearly to maintain its shine and lustre.