Common Outdoor Decking Problems and How to Avoid Them

Common Outdoor Decking Problems and How to Avoid Them

October 17 2019


In recent years, the concept of outdoor decking has become a trend in Singapore, and it’s no surprise. With the sun shining and wind blowing, it’s refreshing to go outside every once in a while. In that case, an outdoor decking is a brilliant solution for such circumstances!


However, while it’s relatively easy to set up an outdoor decking, there are a few problems you should know.


If you’re thinking of setting up an outdoor decking at home, then be aware of the potential problems first! Here are some of the common issues you might encounter:


1. Slippery flooring

Since you’ll place the decking outside, one common issue it will encounter is the rain. If it rains, expect the floor to be a little more slippery than usual. However, this is also dangerous, so you should find a way to keep the flooring rough.


There are two ways to handle this situation. First, install anti-slip decking strips. These will make the decking easier to walk on. Second, apply anti-slip decking oil. It will keep the wood looking mighty beautiful as ever and make the floor safer to tread on.


2. Blackened wood

Whether you opted for a cheap or expensive decking, blackened wood is something you will most probably face in the future. It’s the result of fungus meeting wet wood, causing the latter to form black stains. This sign indicates your decking is rotting, so you must take care of the problem immediately.


You can try to halt the progress of rotting wood by removing the dark stains with mould and mildew cleaner. It’s a cleaning agent that kills mould, fungi, and algae, perfect for cleaning your outdoor decking.


3. Extreme heat

When heat settles on the wood for too long, it can make it extremely painful to walk on it barefoot. A dark-coloured decking may absorb heat for long periods, but that doesn’t mean you have to ignore this issue for lighter-coloured types of decking.


Invest in quality outdoor decking in Singapore that provides top-notch thermal resistance to make it safer for you to walk barefoot.


4. Greying

Same with blackened decking, it can turn grey no thanks to damages brought by the sun and water. Fortunately, you can reverse the effects of water and sun damage by applying oxalic acid to restore the natural colour of the wood.


To prevent the issue from occurring, apply a sealant to protect the decking from greying. Wipe off any excess oil to increase the effectiveness of the solution.



Some of these problems may be avoidable, but it’s up to you to prevent the if necessary. For instance, you can prevent your outdoor decking from greying, but the issue may not be as harmful as the build-up of mould and algae.


In the end, it’s better to invest in the best flooring and decking in Singapore if possible. Choose a sturdy and reliable outdoor decking, and you’ll have a more convenient time maintaining its pristine condition!.


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