Carpet Flooring Tips: What to know about carpets?

Carpet Flooring Tips: What to know about carpets?

February 10 2020


It is soft and it insulates rooms.


Carpet has been the most popular floor cover in so many countries for good reasons. It never fails to give us that cosy feeling. When there are carpets in houses that we visit, we cannot help but be in awe.


Being made from interwoven fibre, and it comes in a variety of styles, colours, and patterns. Its cushioned surface absorbs sound and adds additional warmth for your whole family, and unlike luxury vinyl flooring all-over Singapore, carpets offer non-slip surface.


Despite the myth that it is outdated and boring, many homeowners still choose carpet for their flooring. But caring for your carpets could be tricky at times. There are just so many things and beliefs that have been passed down from generation to generation ever since carpets existed.


Luckily here is a list of things that you should know about carpets.


1. Vacuum Regularly

Contrary to the popular belief that too much vacuum would ruin the carpet, it is the best way to maximise the longevity of your carpet. To save money and avoid buying carpet after carpet by vacuuming areas you often step on twice a week. It also helps when you deodorize your carpet after cleaning it, helps prevent disease-causing bacteria to thrive in it.


2. Carpets Don’t Cause Asthma

It is not rocket science that dirt gets trapped in carpets, that is the exact reason why item number is listed above. Carpets really do more than just trap dirt, it also traps allergens thus it helps people breathe easier. Its fibres trap potential allergy-causing particles and remove them from the airstream that people breathe in. Helping people with allergies and asthma in the process, unlike what many have perceived it to be.


3. You Need Help Cleaning It

The reason why many people have qualms about carpets is that they think it is more costly than a regular flooring option. People think of carpets as disposable flooring materials where in fact it all boils down to how you maintain it. Yes, you can clean it on your own but in order to fully maintain it, you need professional help. There are even services that restore carpets to their former glory.


If you are looking for quality carpets in Singapore, at least now you are now equipped with the basic knowledge one should know about carpets.


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