Best and Worst Choices For Your Bathroom Flooring

Best and Worst Choices For Your Bathroom Flooring

July 30 2019


The bathroom is one of the hardest rooms to decorate. You have to be careful when choosing the type of flooring since you’ll need to consider the bathroom’s size, space, and atmosphere.


Fortunately, there are many available options for your bathroom flooring. Nonetheless, it’s wise to know which types are the best and which ones are the worst. Here are some highly recommended (and otherwise ill-advised) options for your bathroom flooring!


Best options


1. Vinyl flooring

Vinyl flooring is easy to install and comes with different sheet forms. It’s is also highly durable and resistant to moisture, making it an ideal pick for your bathroom.


There are two types of options for vinyl flooring: vinyl plank/sheet flooring and tile flooring. Sheet flooring is more water-resistant, while tile flooring can replicate the look of ceramic tiles.


2. Concrete

Concrete is a popular flooring choice for bathrooms because of its durability and resistance to water. It’s available in many colours and tints, making it a highly versatile choice for your bathroom flooring.


3. Ceramic tiles

The reason why ceramic tiles are favoured by some homeowners is because of their long-lasting and non-porous qualities. The only problem with ceramic tiles is they’re slippery when wet, so be extra careful when stepping on them.


4. Engineered wood

Engineered wood is highly resistant to moisture and resembles wood. It’s the next best thing to real wood for your bathroom.


However, it’s still prone to damages from water, so it’s important to be committed to cleaning the flooring regularly.


Worst options


1. Carpet

The number one enemy of a carpet is water, so it’s not recommended to choose this type of flooring for your bathroom. It will become almost impossible to clean due to the combination of moisture, heating, mould, and mildew. This will result in giving your bathroom an unpleasant smell if you’re not maintaining the carpet’s cleanliness.


2. Hardwood flooring

While hardwood flooring may be an ideal choice for the living room or bedroom, this isn’t the same case for the bathroom. The moisture and humidity inside a bathroom can cause the hardwood to crack and bend, making it almost impossible to repair without replacing the entire flooring.


3. Laminate flooring

Laminate flooring is a popular choice because it has glued-in seams that prevent water from getting in between the cracks. However, if water infiltrates the seams, the laminate flooring will blister and warp.


If laminate flooring is your choice, make sure it’s properly installed with glued-in seams to prevent water from infiltrating.


4. Linoleum tiles

Compared to laminate and hardwood flooring, linoleum tiles are more resistant to water. However, moisture can still penetrate the tiles through the seams, causing distortions and gapings as a result.


Which on to pick?


No matter what choice you’ll pick, in the end, regular maintenance is the key to keeping your bathroom flooring at top shape. Choose a type of flooring you want for your bathroom and commit to cleaning it regularly.


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